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Private training at Woodslawn

Are you tired of feeling lost in the crowd at your typical gym? Seeking a personalized approach to fitness that prioritizes your individual needs and

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Hybrid private training

I’m excited to share with you the unique aspects of our hybrid training program, designed to cater to your individual goals and preferences while maximizing

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How I get my protein in for the day

How I Maximize My Daily Protein Intake In today’s world of ever-evolving dietary advice and fitness trends, one thing remains consistent: the crucial role of

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Why I do semi privates

Rediscovering Fitness at Woodslawn: The Magic of Semi-Private Training Sessions My journey at Woodslawn has always revolved around group classes. There’s something electrifying about moving

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Split squats for sports training

The Importance of Single-leg Strength and Core Stability in Basketball Training Basketball, a sport known for its quick movements, leaps, and rapid directional changes, demands

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What is Semi Private Training

This week at Woodslawn Fitness, smiles are spreading like wildfire as participants in our 8 am semi-private session see significant improvements, marking the re-test week

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