Hybrid private training

I’m excited to share with you the unique aspects of our hybrid training program, designed to cater to your individual goals and preferences while maximizing results through a blend of group and personalized training experiences.

Our program offers two dynamic paths:

  1. Semi-Private Sessions: Dive into an 8-week journey with 16 sessions, held on the same two days and times each week. This setting not only fosters a sense of community and motivation but also allows for focused attention on specific goals and muscle development. It’s an amazing opportunity to push your limits while surrounded by like-minded individuals. Each program is capped at 6 athletes to allow for extra coaching!
  2. Two-on-One and Three-on-One Private Training: For those seeking a more personalized touch, our private training options provide heightened attention, accountability, and customization towards your unique fitness aspirations. Whether you’re honing in on a specific goal or requiring more direct coaching, these sessions ensure that your path to success is paved with expert guidance and support.

Both paths are integrated with significant accountability measures. We go the extra mile by assisting in registering you for classes each week, handpicked by your coach to complement your programming. This ensures a well rounded approach to your development, combining the benefits of structured workouts with the flexibility needed to address your personal fitness goals.

We’re thrilled to announce a few spots opening in our hybrid training program, including the new 6 AM semi-private session. If you’re intrigued and wish to learn more about how our program can be tailored to fit your needs check us out. And don’t worry, we promise no burpees during your consult! Instead, we’re here to listen, understand, and guide you towards achieving your fitness goals in the most enjoyable and effective way possible.


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