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Dan coach at Woodslawn Fitness



Dan stumbled into CrossFit in 2014 and was hooked immediately. A long time medical professional, Dan recognized the power of a welcoming, supportive fitness community and how it improved people's health.

Through the combination of strength training, aerobic training and focused nutrition he saw a profound effect to improve one’s health Additionally, as a dad to a little girl, Dan appreciated how not only men, but women were celebrated for being strong. With all this crystal clear and the unwavering support of his family, Dan decided to make a shift from clinical medical work and open Woodslawn Fitness in 2018. Dan has his CrossFit L2, 15+ years as a medical professional and a lifelong purser of all things active. When not coaching Dan enjoys spending time with his family, Wife-Cynthia and kids- Mabel and Cole, mountain running and drinking good coffee.

Tyler coach at Woodslawn Fitness



Tyler lives by the idea of promoting an "active and balanced lifestyle." During his years at the University of Oregon, Tyler worked with community members as a certified personal trainer as he obtained Bachelor's in Human Physiology.

During his years at the University of Oregon, Tyler worked with community members as a certified personal trainer as he obtained his Bachelor’s in Human Physiology. Tyler furthered his pursuit of optimizing human strength and movement by working towards a Doctorate of Physical Therapy degree at the University of Southern California. Tyler began coaching CrossFit while in physical therapy school. He is a believer that there is great opportunity for the marriage of the functional movements learned in the CrossFit gym and the prevention of injury. Tyler’s emphasis in coaching is to help everyone understand their full physical capabilities in an engaging and safe manner. Tyler holds a Doctorate in Physical therapy from USC and has his CF-L1

Anna coach at Woodslawn Fitness



Anna was first introduced to CrossFit over 4 years ago where she fell in love with the sport and its supportive community. Following her passion for fitness and her desire to help others feel their best, Anna got her Personal Trainer certification.

Soon after, her CrossFit Level-1. Anna believes that physical fitness is about more than just hitting your new PR, but about using functional movement to keep you active throughout your life. She thinks that the best part about training is helping people gain confidence in themselves as well as the great connections you make. In high school, Anna was a competitive swimmer in Texas, she then attended college in the UK where she spent her time off exploring the Welsh mountains and coastlines. In her free time, she loves film photography and taking advantage of all the outdoor adventures Oregon has to offer. Anna is a NASM certified Personal trainer, PN certified nutrition and habits coach, and has her CrossFit FL-1.

Jonathan coach at Woodslawn Fitness



Jonathan is retired from the Army and a four-year veteran of Woodslawn Fitness. He brings a lot of institutional knowledge to his classes, as well as the keen eye of a sergeant! When he is not coaching or crushing workouts, he enjoys Yin yoga and RV'ing and seeing Oregon.

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James coach at Woodslawn Fitness



James dipped his toe in the CrossFit waters in 2010 and has been at it ever since. While one of James' favorite things to do is to WOD with friends and classmates, he's a proponent of what CrossFit allows you to do outside the gym.

James has participated in dozens of CrossFit competitions and adventure races, took up snowboarding at 51, and loves being outside hiking, running or snowshoeing on a trail with his two dogs and family. James has taken advantage of what the CrossFit community offers and has dropped-in at dozens of gyms across the U.S. and abroad, including in Canada, Croatia, Iceland, Italy, and Scotland. James is a CF-L2 trainer and holds certifications in Endurance, Gymnastics, Olympic Lifting and CPR/First-Aid.

Hannah coach at Woodslawn Fitness



Hannah found CrossFit in 2014 and quickly fell in love with the constantly varied combination of strength and interval training as well as the amazing community. As a woman, it was incredibly empowering to learn strength-based movements within the supportive CrossFit environment.

She took the next step to become a CrossFit Level 1 Certified Trainer in 2016 and then a Level 2 Trainer in 2021. Hannah built her coaching experience through group fitness classes and individual training while also completing her doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology in upstate New York, specializing in children and adolescents. She often integrates her mental health and mindset experience within the fitness environment to develop people’s confidence and capacity to achieve their goals, and especially when coaching young athletes. Hannah’s favorite thing about coaching is helping people build skills or move in more efficient ways that generate new accomplishments. Outside of the gym, you can find Hannah on a hike or at the park with her dog, Cooper. She also enjoys spending time with her husband, Mike, and step-children, Brady and Jake. Certifications: CrossFit Level 1, CrossFit Level 2, CrossFit Kids Certification, American Safety & Health Institute Basic First Aid/CPR and AED for Adult/Child/Infant, Schwinn Indoor Cycling

Brandon coach at Woodslawn Fitness



Brandon found CrossFit in 2010 when his mom took him to a gym to get in shape for a wrestling camp. After years of competitive team and individual sports he found a new passion. The community aspect mixed with ability to compete with yourself and others had him sold.

Brandon has always lived an active lifestyle whether it was organized sports such as wrestling, football, and lacrosse or going out to snowboard, wakeboard, or take a hike with his wife Kahana. Since finding CrossFit, he never found anything else that encompasses the holistic view of health for daily physical fitness. With 13+ years of CrossFit experience and 5+ years of coaching experience Brandon has realized that daily physical activity mixed with the proper nutrition habits and mobility training for healthy movement patterns combined create the best chance for longevity in life. He’s learned much of what he knows through trial and error, figuring out how to heal his own injuries, and wanting to improve himself as an athlete. He’s passionate about highly skilled movements such as gymnastics and weightlifting while being able to help others hit milestones in those facets of fitness.


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