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Group training at our gym leads to lasting community relationships which will keep you accountable.

Each day you’ll do a challenging workout that combines the most effective fitness methods.

Your classmates will keep you accountable and make working out fun.

Physical Therapy: Prehab and Rehab

Our prehab program is designed for individuals who are experiencing limitations in their daily life or athletic performance due to a chronic injury, re-injury or a new injury. We evaluate each individual in a holistic fashion and discuss a treatment plan we feel is most effective for a return to an active lifestyle.

A combination of rehab through manual therapy, strengthening and conditioning, movement correction and stabilization will be used with specific attention to long term injury prevention. Prehab is a great program for seasoned athletes or individuals looking to rehab fitness limiting injuries.

Great for those who may be intimidated or limited in their fitness journey due to a current or previous injury. Our Physical therapist, Dr. Ty, will work 1:1 to develop a plan including corrective movements, personalized exercise primers, and strength work to build a strong foundation before progressing into the fitness journey.

Most common reasons we see athletes in our Physio program

  • Low back pain; Pain and movement limitation when lifting weight
  • Knee pain with squatting, running, and or other sport activities.
  • Hip pain and mobility
  • Shoulder pain, overhead mobility or movement/ strength limitation(s)
  • Ankle/foot pain and mobility
  • General muscle discomfort and mobility limitations when attempting sport(s)

Meet Dr. Baca

Meet Tyler, Woodslawn Physical Therapist
During his years at the University of Oregon, Tyler worked with community members as a certified personal trainer as he obtained his Bachelor’s in Human Physiology. Tyler furthered his pursuit of optimizing human strength and movement by working towards a Doctorate of Physical Therapy degree at the University of Southern California. Tyler began coaching CrossFit while in physical therapy school. He is a believer that there is great opportunity for the marriage of the functional movements learned in the CrossFit gym and the prevention of injury. Tyler’s emphasis in coaching is to help everyone understand their full physical capabilities in an engaging and safe manner.

Tyler holds a Doctorate in Physical therapy from USC and has his CF-L1

Looking for a physical therapist who understands your active lifestyle? Dr. Tyler Baca, DPT, uses strength and conditioning as a foundation to get you back to the activities you love the most! His practice revolves around developing strong movement patterns to assist healing and prevent future injuries.


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