Semi private

Semi private training is one of our most popular offerings. Get personalized coaching for strength specific training built to increase your lean muscle, build stronger more defined muscles through expert coaching.

Nutrition coaching

You work so hard in the gym, but aren’t seeing the results you want, in the time you want them. Our Nutritional coaching will get you on the right track and loving your results in no time. You will meet with your nutrition coach, weekly, to discuss your goals, keep you accountable and moving, rapidly, towards your goals. In addition to your weekly meetings we will keep track of your body transformation with our InBody composition scanner, which records your fat loss and muscle gain!

Private training

Looking to get toned, stronger, more flexible or generally improve your fitness? Our one on one private sessions. Sessions are specifically programmed to achieve your goals and scheduled to meet timing needs. Additionally, all private clients receive a body composition analysis and nutritional consultation with our nutrition coach.

On-ramp program

Our On-ramp program is a comprehensive personalized approach to get you to your fitness goals, fast!

You’ll begin with six private sessions covering movements most commonly used in strength training and CrossFit.

If taking group classes is a part of your goal, you’ll  have access to classes once you feel ready! Some athletes begin week one, others wait a few weeks. Your coach will guide you to the right decision for you and help you sign up!

In week two you meet with Anna, our amazing nutrition coach, receive a body composition analysis and learn a bit more about how to properly fuel your body for your goals.

We believe everyone comes to our gym with their own personal goal. By beginning in a personalzied setting, we can guide to the program that suits your goals and training style the best

Group classes

We offer 30+ group classes weekly, including classes on Saturday and Sunday! All of our classes are capped @ 12 members so you’ll receive high level coaching from our professional coaches. Our classes include combinations of strength, gymnastics, flexibility and cardio training, with ample opportunity for form development, specifically programmed to get you in the best shape of your LIFE. Most of our members combined group classes with our semi private program through our hybrid program. Our hybrid program allows for more personalization, accountability and support


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