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Rediscovering Fitness at Woodslawn: The Magic of Semi-Private Training Sessions

My journey at Woodslawn has always revolved around group classes. There’s something electrifying about moving in sync with a group, the ambient energy, the light-hearted banter (even if it’s somewhat muted at 6 am sessions), and the spirit of togetherness. But like any long-term relationship, there came a point where I felt the spark dimming. A lingering injury, not gym-related, saw me skipping classes more often than I’d like to admit. That reflected in my fitness levels and the fit of my pants. The once enthusiastic class-goer in me started dodging sessions, a stark contrast from the discipline I once proudly owned.

In a blend of curiosity and desperation, I enrolled in one of Woodslawn’s semi-private 8-week training sessions. Skeptical at first, I was astonished at the difference it made. The smaller class size meant each of us got more attention, making it nearly impossible to “hide” or give anything less than our best. The intensity? Let’s just say my muscles still debate whether they love or loathe the rigorous routine. But what’s undeniable is how quickly I’ve seen improvements. Not just physically, but in my drive and motivation.

It’s as though the tailored sessions nudged me out of my comfort zone, pushing boundaries I hadn’t even recognized. The semi-private setting ensured I was held accountable, rekindling my motivation and helping me inch closer to feeling great in my skin again. And for those wondering, the cherished camaraderie from group classes? It’s still very much alive and thriving, even in this smaller setup.

So, if you’re stuck in a fitness rut or yearning for a more personalized touch without sacrificing the community spirit, I can’t recommend the semi-private training sessions at Woodslawn enough. It’s transformed my approach, and I’m confident it can do wonders for you too.


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