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Build Strength

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Do you struggle with

Time Management

 Do you have a busy schedule and struggle with making fitness a priority?

Injury Recovery

Do you have a pre-existing injury that is limiting your fitness goals?


Are you struggling with weight loss and don’t know what to eat?

Needing Instruction

Do you get to the gym and think “Now What?”


Benefits & Outcomes


Benefits & Outcomes

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From the Gym

Truly Unique Experience

“I feel very lucky, and I am grateful to have found CFWL! I don’t have experience with other CF “boxes”, but as an Army retiree and as an on/off gym goer, I can say that CFWL has an awesome mix of work and fun. I very highly recommend CFWL!”

~ Jonathan H

Great Social Environment

“Working out here has been the single best decision I have made in my life. It has given me great confidence, a strong community to grow with, and overall coaches that have been there for me the whole way. Thanks, Coach Dan and Katie. You guys truly inspire me.”

~ Hassan T

Unbeatable Coaching

“I’m so impressed with the coaching I’m receiving at CF Woodslawn. It’s not just advice- it’s coaching and he really cares about your goals; and he works hard to help you achieve them! I’ve lost fat and hit PRs in the gym!”

~ Jennifer